Nordost Red Dawn Speaker Cable 2 metres


Nordost Red Dawn Brings Shockingly Lifelike Clarity to Your System
From the quietest, most delicate note to the power of a thundering orchestral crescendo or driving rock track, Red Dawn LS spans the dynamic range with effortless grace and deft control. Red Dawn LS allows your system to seduce or savage as the music allows. Sitting at the top of the Leif SeriesRed Dawn LS bears comparison with virtually any cable on the market.
Red Dawn LS employs 20 silver-plated 99.9999% OFC solid-core conductors. Built on the original Flatline concept Nordost first pioneered over two decades ago, the new LS Series cables offer superior performance while retaining the value which made Flatline a favorite of audiophiles worldwide. Enhanced geometry and improved spacing of the conductors increase conductivity and energy transfer. Nordost’s exhaustive research into insulating materials has led to new solutions which reduce dielectric polarization, greatly refining tonal balance and sharpening resolution.
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