Musical Fidelity M8- 500S Power Amplifier


The fully-balanced M8 500s from Musical Fidelity offers a phenomenally low amount of distortion, typically 0.001% at 1kHz, while at 20kHz distortion is still measured to be below 0.007%, and 0.02% at 50kHz. These extraordinary measurements, in conjunction with the extremely low frequency distortion make this amplifier a sonically superior option to other  power amplifiers in its class. The M8 500s makes use of massive power reserves, which produce 500 watts RMS in to 8 ohms. The massive power, delicately low distortion, and phenomenally low noise contribute to its impressive and almost effortless sound. Bearing the signature M8 sound quality, delivering a clear and detailed high end, while retaining and delivering the deepest elements of bass, and presenting a vast and wide sound-stage.

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