Musical Fidelity M6S PRX Stereo Power Amplifier


Musical Fidelity M6S PRX Stereo Power Amplifier

The M6s PRX dual mono power amp is a tour de force. Behind its classically simple, elegant designlurks a real hi-fi “big beast”. The M6s uses Musical Fidelity’s exclusive dual mono, fully complementary, bifilar choke regulation system. Choke regulation is a concept from tube amplifier days which, with the exception of Musical Fidelity, has never been used with transistor amplifiers. Choke regulation offers huge power supply benefits; dramatic reduction in “saw tooth” power supply noise and an effective mains noise filtration system. The dual mono, bifilar choke regulation system is unique to Musical Fidelity. We have been using this technology since 1987.

The M6’s circuitry is based on our Titan monster amp. It has 8 output transistors per channel. Its technical performance is beyond most other power amps available, regardless of price. Extremely low wide band distortion, low output impedance, outstanding load driving characteristics, enormous stability margins and very high peak current delivery mark the M6s PRX dual mono power amp as something really special. The sound is effortless, detailed and fast. Yet there is no grain or harshness. Transients are delivered with their full force but, perhaps more importantly, the recovery is virtually instantaneous.

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