Monitor Audio Bronze 6 Speakers


Monitor Audio Bronze 6 Speakers are a wonderful high-resolution tower speaker punching weel above its class.

It’s fair to say that the previous, multi-award-winning, ranges of Monitor Audio Bronze speakers have usually topped their class. Thanks to new drive units and the same attention to cabinet and crossover design, the latest Bronze range is the best yet. Take a listen and we’re sure you’ll agree. The latest Bronze range comes with new C-CAM gold dome tweeters. These give the ideal balance between detail and smoothness. Upper frequencies stay clear and uncongested – even at high volume levels where inferior designs begin to distort. Twin woofers and a separate mid-range unit make the Bronze 6 is as powerful and dynamic as the Bronze range gets. Whether it’s drum n’ bass or Classical organ recitals, the Bronze 6 plumbs the depths of sound that others merely hint at. Thanks to the dedicated mid-range unit, vocals sound ever-present and powerful, too. Front and rear cabinet porting helps boost the low frequency response while also improving efficiency. With a sensitivity of 90dB your matching amplifier needn’t be as powerful as you might think – a good quality 40W per channel should be ample to make these speakers sing. The Bronze 6 is ideal for filling a larger room with deep, powerful sound. Their expansive range also makes them perfect as front speakers in a quality home cinema set-up. Because they are both forgiving yet response, they’ll partner you through many upgrades to the rest of your hi-fi before they need upgrading themselves. They also offer bi-wirable connections, making them the perfect match for higher-end hi-fi systems and AV receivers that offer the option of bi-amping. Using high quality MDF cabinets with extensive bracing, the Bronzes are not just solidly built, they offer very low cabinet colouration for low distortion, too. The beauty within is wrapped in a choice of premium quality vinyl veneers.


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