Denon PMA 520AE Amplifier Best Inclass


Denon PMA 520AE Amplifier and Oustanding piece of Audio Engineering

At the heart of this European sound-tuned amplifier are features to create a dynamic and well-balanced sound. High-current transistors and a high-capacity power supply circuit give the PMA520 a powerful, punchy sound, while clean, short signal paths and improvements to the volume circuitry help it sound precise and articulate. The fully discrete amplifier stage and separate analogue power supply ensure fine detail is faithfully reproduced and distortion is kept to a minimum. With its solid metal casing and large, anti-vibration feet, the PMA520AE is well equipped to resist sources of mechanical interference. The aluminium front panel helps reduce electrical interference, especially from sources such as light dimmers and fluorescent bulbs. As you’d expect from Denon, the quality of finish is impeccable, with smooth edges, solid construction and well-damped controls. Despite its focus on sound quality, the PMA520AE still has more than enough features. For those with record decks there’s a built-in phono stage, plus four line level inputs and a recording in/out loop. Tone controls, a headphone socket and a system remote control makes up a strong spec. With its smooth, powerful sound, unrivalled construction quality and useful range of features, it’s hard not to see how the PMA520AE could be anything other than another impressive budget Denon amp – a tough act to follow.

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