Cyrus 6 DAC QXR Int. Amplifier


Cyrus 6 DAC QXR Integrated Amplifier and DAC is an incredibly versatile unit acting as the perfect entry point to the world of Cyrus ‘separates’. New QXR 32bit/768k DAC enhances function, adding an all-new asynchronous USB bridge and lowers the noise floor of the headphone amp section for a substantially augmented dynamic range.
An integrated amplifier with a long pedigree, the 6 DAC is instantly impressive beyond its diminutive dimensions. Musically, it has been tuned and refined over decades to deliver outstanding precision, clarity and control of loudspeakers.
To bring the 6 DAC completely up to date, it has multiple digital and analogue inputs, alongside a state-of-the-art digital engine and a separate isolated circuit for the powerful amplifier section. This integrated amplifier delivers clean, high-resolution power and an enthrallingly ‘musical’ experience.

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