Canton Vento Reference 5 DC Floorstanding Speakers (Cherry)


The Vento Reference 5 DC is a three-way floorstanding speaker one model below the top of the Reference line. The 5 DC is undeniably attractive, with curved sides, silver-faced midrange and bass drivers, with a beautiful finish of black veneer. The finish is as good as that of any loudspeaker I’ve seen, but the 5 DC’s beauty is more than skin deep. A lot of thinking and engineering have gone into this speaker.

For instance, the tweeter is a 1″ (25mm) aluminum-manganese dome with a waveguide integrated into the mounting plate. Manganese is a hard, brittle metal useful for making aluminum alloys more rigid while maintaining low mass. This formulation results in less ringing, and is clearly a step up in performance from the titanium tweeters that Canton used previously. The tweeter is listed as having a frequency response up to 40kHz, but Bryn noted that the frequency-response numbers reflect a standard set by the Deutsches Institut für Normung (the German Standards Institute, or DIN): 10dB down at both the bottom and top ends. In other words, 40kHz is the frequency response of the 5 DC’s tweeter at -10dB. It is designed to be flat to at least 20kHz, with a smooth rolloff beyond that. The 5 DC’s overall claimed frequency response is 20Hz-40kHz (vs. 18Hz-40kHz for the Reference 1 DC), with low-frequency extension also reported at -10dB, per the DIN standard. The 7″ (180mm) midrange driver and the two 8″ (200mm) woofers are made of an aluminum alloy. The surround for the midrange and woofer drivers is what Canton calls a “wave” surround, which means, essentially, that it has two folds instead of the usual single fold. According to the Canton engineers, this substantially extends the driver’s cone excursion, maintains linearity, and reduces distortion, breakup nodes, and cone resonances. Of particular note is Canton’s Displacement Control (DC) technology, which is designed to better control the bass frequencies. DC technology in the crossover suppresses subsonic oscillation of the bass drivers. The result is more precise reproduction of bass frequencies.

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